Register a 4th, 5th, or 6th Grade Player for Tryouts

Please fill out the online registration form with your player and parent contact information. There is no obligation or cost for registering for tryouts.

There are two forms to download and fill out to bring with you on tryout day. If placed on a team, the forms and payment will be collected. Payment can be a series of post-dated checks.

We are planning to form two teams of combined 4th - 6th graders at this U12 level.

Tryouts - Tuesday, Oct. 16, 6:30-9:30 PM at Wayzata High School, Gyms 1-4

Cost: $900 per player

The player must attend the entire session to be assessed for a team.  We want to make sure our coaches have time to make careful decisions for each player. Registration for tryouts begins around Oct. 1. Watch our site for the registration announcement.


Practice dates will begin in November and continue through March.  During the volleyball season the player will participate in 30+ practice sessions totaling about 60 hours of court time. Practices will be 90-120 minutes and will be held at Wayzata High School or at Meadow Ridge Elementary.


Competition season begins in early January and ends in March.  The team will compete in 6-8 local tournaments including one multi-day event in February where the team will compete both Saturday and Sunday.  We try to favor Saturday tournaments when possible but there will be Sunday events too. Most events will start at 8 AM and often go until 3-4 PM.

Our 12s teams conclude their season prior to the Wayzata district spring break.  This age group uses a VolleyLite ball that is approximately 1 ounce lighter than a standard volleyball.  Many of our competition events allow the players to serve from within the court boundary by about 6 feet.  Players are expected to perform as line judges, as well as do scoring and libero tracking.  Parents take turns assisting the scorers at the scoring table.  There is online video training that must be completed prior to competition season beginning.  There will be scrimmage events where parents and players can practice the scoring process.  Coaches will be the officials during the matches so players do not need to officiate at this age.