Another Summer of VB

Last weekend was the annual Victor Bravo event at Mama G’s where many of us coaches play summer VB. We look forward to this each year. It is an exciting time to gather as VB lovers whether we see each other only at this event or every week during league play. Players range from late teens to late sixties and many players now have adult children playing in the event. It is a 12 hour day of pool and bracket playoffs, making new friends with the teammates you just met, and good natured teasing of opponents, since many of us know each other after 20+ years of playing in this event. We went home happily sore from the long day.  FYI – my Fitbit said the day consisted of 30,221 steps/jumps/dives!

This event also signals that summer is winding down and WAYVA planning has to begin in earnest. We have enjoyed a summer of coaches playing together in our sand league. We have been reminded that VB is a load of fun, that despite our years of experience we still do dumb stuff (like serving out of bounds on game point), that some nights are amazing and some you wonder why everyone is having a bad night all on the same day.  But our batteries are recharged and we are ready to take off our Sand Socks and put on our indoor court shoes again.

We have received permits for our gym times for tryouts and practices. It is time to discuss coaching assignments, number of teams, pricing, uniforms, tryouts, practice scheduling and all the details that go into a season of volleyball.  You will see items popping up now for Sample Sessions and Open Gym times. Tryouts have been scheduled.  NOTE: They are earlier this year at all clubs in our area so make sure you identify the ones you will be attending – they are NOT at the end of October like before. Ours will be on October 14th or 16th, depending on your age.

Good luck at school tryouts and enjoy your school VB teams – let us know when your matches are scheduled and we may be able to sneak out of work early to come and cheer for you.  It has been a good summer of adult leagues and now it is time to get back into the gym.  As soon as I shake the sand out of my backpack…