Tryout Week Is Here

Lots of scurrying around going on to get ready for Sunday and Tuesday.  There have been a few questions that might be good to address here if they might help anyone else.

Forms – you do NOT need to bring any forms in to tryouts. That info was left from last year when the league required forms.  This season the NCR registration form will be completed by each player once they make a team. There will be medical forms and Letter of Commitment forms handed out to you if you are placed onto a team.  We need the Commitment letter that night – which is to indicate that you are playing with WAYVA.  It prevents players from shopping around to tryout at other organizations after already making a team, then quitting and leaving one or more teams high and dry.  The medical form stays with the coach and can be turned in on the night of the first practice.

Payment – we do not process online payments as of yet.  We do take checks and you can pay in full or break the season fee into a series of post-dated checks.  We will deposit a check into the bank each month. It helps to reduce the impact to the family checkbook.  There will be specific info provided on tryout night.  There I no need to pay for anything unless you make it onto a team.

Practices – these will start the first week of November.  Be sure to have good gym shoes and a pair of knee pads once practices begin.

Spirit Wear – there will be samples of apparel you can order to show your Wayzata Volleyball spirit and keep you warm in those colder gyms this winter. Samples will be available on tryout day. Please order directly with our vendor partner. Watch for a web page directing you to their selections – we almost have that ready.