Tryout Information for Other Clubs

Hello everyone! Tryout days are upon us and we wish you all the best of luck no matter where you are trying out this season!  We wanted to share some information that may be helpful in the event you do not get selected for a team.  There are two websites that you can use to explore other tryout options:

USAV/North Country Region Clubs –

JVA/NSVU Clubs –

Both of those locations have extensive listings of volleyball clubs and their tryout information.  Be sure to check the sites in the days following tryouts as there may be additional makeup tryouts scheduled by some clubs.  Often, going to the volleyball club websites directly will give you the latest and best information.

Most of all, if you do not get the outcome you expected, do not be discouraged! It is hard not to feel that way, but the reality is there are more players than openings on the teams and the selections may be based on positions.  If the coach already has two or three setters selected and you are a setter candidate, the coach needs to pick for the other positions. If you gave it your all and tried your hardest, then you can be comforted that you did everything you could. Another club may have a need for someone with your skills and enthusiasm. Let them know you are available and go show your best stuff and keep trying!  We wish you all the best of luck out there.  Play hard and have fun!