Registration for WAYVA Volleyball Tryouts

If you are interested in trying out for a club volleyball team, you can register at the link below.   Please fill out all the information. There is no obligation – your registration lets us know that you are interested and allows us to keep you updated as tryouts approach.  The website editor is having issues at the moment because it is 2020 and that seems to be the way the year is going… 😎  I have placed the pertinent details in this post that you likely want to know.

Tryouts will be one session only, either Sunday afternoon, October 25 or Monday evening, October 26.  We will get specifics posted as we finalize the details with Community Education over the next few days. Time is VERY short this year so do not delay if you are going to register!

You must attend your tryout session to be fairly considered.  If there are remaining openings on teams following tryouts, we will consider late tryout situations on a case by case basis.

Tryouts this year will be different.  No parents are allowed to enter the school facility due to Covid restrictions by the District.  We ask you complete the registration information online to the fullest extent. We will assign numbers to each participant and score them during our assessment and scrimmage evaluations.  The results in each age group will be announced via email the following day. This allows parents to be available for sharing the news with their player.

The top 20 players in each age group will be selected and the will work with coaches over the next few practices before being assigned to a team for the season.

Age definitions were updated by USA Volleyball this summer for all club participants. The September 1 cutoff was changed to a July 1 cutoff for age consideration.  This may change the options for a number of players.  WAYVA always allows a player to play with her grade level classmates, regardless of age. You do have the option of playing according to the official age ranges if they differ from your grade level.  We will create a separate post with the updated age definitions.

Players trying out will need to wear a mask into the school and into the gyms.  They need to stay 6 feet apart while getting ready, changing shoes, etc.  Once on the court they  may remove their mask if they choose. We will check with the school for any other specific restrictions that may have been updated in the weeks before tryouts and share those with you.

We use the school facilities for all our practices.  If things change such that the school chooses to go to a distance learning model, it is likely that our season will end unless we can arrange alternate practice locations.

Practices will begin in November and will usually be twice per week, 90-120 minutes per practice. These will be on Sunday afternoons, and on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evenings. The schedules will vary from week to week.  Tournaments will begin in January and will usually be twice per month, always on the weekend.  12s teams end in March, 13s and 14s teams end in April.

There will be an initial payment for unrecoverable costs such as uniforms, marketing postcards, postage, and communication tool subscriptions. This will be approximately $250.  We will do monthly payments thereafter through the season.

Cost for teams will be similar to last year, assuming the season carries through to completion. The player fees for the season are listed below. There is no tryout fee for WAYVA.  There will be a USA Volleyball tryout fee of $10 payable directly to them.  More info will be provided once you register.  Thanks everyone!  We hope to have a great season and get back into the gym.  Tell your friends to get signed up so they don’t miss it!

5th and 6th Grade Registration     Player Fee will total $1100 over full season (5th and 6th graders combine on two teams for this age group)


7th Grade Registration     Player Fee will total $1200 over full season


8th Grade Registration     Player Fee will total $1200 over full season