WAYVA Merging With Fusion

Exciting News!  WAYVA is becoming Fusion Volleyball

We want to share the exciting news that WAYVA is merging with Fusion and will now be known as Fusion Volleyball. WAYVA started back in 1997 with the goal to teach VB to students in our area and share the fun and excitement of this sport. Here we are 24 years later still providing a great VB experience for our players and families. We were contacted this summer by Chris Hunt, a former VB coach/club director from WAYVA and Crossfire, to see if we had interest in partnering with the Fusion association. Their success in managing a soccer organization has equipped them with the staff and skills to expand, and Chris missed being involved with volleyball. We talked several times through the summer and we were excited by the many advantages that partnering with them would bring for volleyball in our community.


  1. The expertise they bring from running a larger association will aid in administrative areas such as registrations, billing, website management, uniform costs, and event scheduling.
  2. Partnering with them allows us to share club management with a seasoned administrative staff.
  3. Volleyball opportunities in our community can expand – teams in older age groups, introducing players to VB at a younger age, offering fall rec leagues, or possibly spring season options for winter sport athletes.
  4. Growth into new facilities and additional coaches.

What does this mean to you?

  1. Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. The WAYVA coaches will continue provide their VB experience as part of Fusion Volleyball. We have talked to all of them about the partnership and they are excited for the change.
  2. You will use SportsEngine tools for communication and scheduling
  3. A new website and email contact will be online shortly – in the meantime, the existing contact points will stay active
  4. You can expect a moderate increase in team fees to cover increased cost in some areas

Watch for updates as we complete our transition over the next few weeks.