Coaches are always needed - maybe it could be YOU!

There is always a need for passionate coaches to share their love of the sport.  There are two constraints in how many teams we can offer - gym space for practice times, and coaches willing to teach young players.

If you are an adult player, you can share your knowledge with ten players and show them the next step in their progression.  If you are a parent with some experience or a willingness to attend training and work with a co-coach, you can learn together while teaching new players the basics.  If you are a high school player or JO player and want to be a youth assistant coach, you can share your knowledge with a younger team and inspire them with your skills.

(Steve and Cindy's story) - my wife signed our daughter up for a fall league for new players many years ago.  They had a great time and my wife helped the coach with practices and showed she knew a bit about volleyball.  She was asked to coach a JO team and came home to tell me she had signed US up as new coaches.  Being adult players with average skills we figured teaching 5th and 6th graders the basic rules was something we could handle.  We were soon at tryouts selecting ten players for our team.  Other coaches helped with practices and prepped us for the first tournament.  We got to the competition and found out just how much we had yet to learn!

We hit the books, bought VCR training tapes (yes, it was that long ago), and started teaching whatever we needed the most for the next event.  Each week we learned more and the team got better and better.  At the end of the first season, the team cried, we cried, none of us wanted it to be over yet.  It was one of the most rewarding things we had ever done.  We LOVED it!

We came back the next year and coached 13s (7th grade), then again and coached 14s. After a few years at that level there was a need for coaches to teach new players the basics and get them excited about VB so we moved to that age group.

This will be our 15th season at WAYVA and even though we should be spending the winter down south we just can't stop coaching.  Our teams, both the players and parents, become our friends.  Parents have even signed up on adult sand VB leagues during the summer to get in on the fun their kids were having.  Are we the best coaches ever?  Nope, but we are pretty darned good at getting kids jazzed about VB, at teaching the basic rules and strategies, and showing them that even in your fifties you can have a boatload of fun in this sport.  We are not ready to quit yet despite the sore knees after every practice.  (end of boring story)

Without a coach, there are ten players who will not have a VB season.  If you are a player who can teach quick sets or a middle slide or a jump serve - there is a need for you as a coach.  If you are a parent who knows not to hit the ball twice in a row and that a team only gets three hits per side - there is a need for you as a coach.  We will help with training, a co-coach, or whatever we can do if it means we can get another team out on the court for the season.  Please contact us via and we can talk about options available and see if there is a good fit for you.  You will need to pass a background check and attend IMPACT training.  There is a coaching stipend that is split among the coaches for a given team.  It is not a lot but you do get to spend time on the VB court with your new friends - and when a player finally gets a serve over the net and gives you that huge smile and high-five, well, that is some great compensation.

Thank you!