Frequently Asked Questions


Things that make you go “hmmmmm?”

Is this organization affiliated with the Wayzata school volleyball program?

WAYVA is not directly associated with the Wayzata school VB program. We are friends with those players and coaches and hope your experience in club volleyball will lead you to be a better player and enjoy the sport in middle school, high school, college, intramurals, and as an adult. Our WAYVA coaches are not coaches for the school program. We partner with the Wayzata program to do fundraising through tournaments and concessions to help in any way we can to keep volleyball fun and exciting in the Wayzata school district.

Who can tryout for WAYVA?

Everyone! Tryouts for our teams are open to everyone no matter the school they attend or where they live. Athletes are placed based on athleticism, potential, attitude and skill.

What does the fee cover?

WAYVA tries to keep fees as low as possible but they still add up.  The fee pays for gym rental, custodial and site facilitator staff, league registration for each player and each team, coaching stipends for each team, uniform items, competition registrations, and website and accounting fees. There is also a small portion for future equipment needs. A dozen balls can be $400-$500 and net systems (poles, nets, pads) can run $3000-$5000 per court. We repair and reuse as much as we can!

Why is my team competing against an older team?

Competitions are often organized around two grade levels competing with each other: 13s and 14s compete in events, 15s and 16s compete, 17s and 18s compete. There are rare events that have each age in their own brackets but most often they are a combination of two age groups.

Why did the referee NOT call that?

Many rules have been modified in recent years. If you are returning to VB after an absence – some things may seem odd.

Front row players may step totally across the center line as long as they do not present a safety hazard and do not impact the net.

The serve is good if it hits the top tape and dribbles over.

The first contact of the ball after a serve can be really ugly – a double hit off your arms and forehead, an ugly pass, a ball off the foot, just about anything that is not a catch and throw.

The ball can now hit any part of your body and play can continue, as long as it only hit you once (unless it is the first contact of the ball coming over the net). You CAN indeed kick the ball over the net and it is a legal hit.

Why DID the referee call that?

The team must serve in the order listed on the official line up. If a team gets out of rotation the scorers and the ref can award a side out and point to the other team.

You can go after a ball in play that a teammate has touched and pursue it out of bounds but you may NOT step on a neighboring court while doing so.  That makes it out of bounds even if you do get a good pass. Stay safe by staying out of other courts.