If you have a new interest in volleyball - how do you know if you want to make the time and money commitment of trying out for Junior Olympic VB team?  We are holding Sample Sessions where you can join us in the gym for two hours and see how you like it.  Coaches will go over the basics of volleyball - your stance on the court, footwork, how to hold your arms to make a good passing platform, being vocal and using your outside voice, being encouraging of each other, how to serve underhand, basic volleyball rules, and whatever else we can fit into two hours.  We fill the time with games - passing competitions, serving challenges, practices at being loud, playing queen of the court or survivor if numbers and talent allow.  There will be plenty of physical activity, lots of laughs, and they even learn something.  These sessions give players a sense of what a practice session might be like - how the coaches interact with them, and what is expected of them as a team member.

Each session will be somewhat repetitive since there may be new players at each one.  As players gain in skill, we introduce new challenges and work on more game-like play on the court.  We have a great time at these sessions and would love to have you join us.  Parents can hang around if they want but it is boring to sit on the gym floor for two hours, not to mention really uncomfortable.

Ages for these sessions can vary from 4th grade through 7th or 8th and we will work with everyone who wants to explore their interest. Note that these sessions will use the Volleylite balls that are a few ounces lighter than a regulation ball. These are used throughout the season for players younger than 7th grade.

Sample Session Fee - $10 each to help cover gym rental costs (please bring your fee to the gym and pay Cindy to get a name tag)

Tuesday:  Sept. 11, Sept. 18

7:00 - 9:00 PM, Gym 3-4 at Wayzata High School

Enter through the Athletic Entrance on the west side of the school, the gyms are straight ahead and you will see Gym 3 and 4 above the entrance in the hall.

How to Register - If you want to attend, please send an email to with the name of the player, grade in school, name of parent, email and cell phone number of the parent, and indicate which session dates you will be attending.

What to Bring - Wear comfortable gym clothes - shorts, T-shirt, and gym shoes. Bring a water bottle and your entrance fee. If you have long hair, it is helpful to have it held back out of your face.

There will be time at the end of the session if you have questions about JO volleyball, our program, other clubs in the area, season details, or whatever it might be.  We hope to see you there!